Outreach and Preservation Partners

Five Rivers MetroParks

Five Rivers MetroParks

Five Rivers MetroParks manages several parks in the Greater Dayton region preserving open spaces and offering outdoor recreation experiences to the Miami Valley. In addition, Five Rivers MetroParks offers SunWatch the opportunity to harvest timbers from their properties as well as prairie grasses from their restored native prairies. These resources are used at SunWatch in our reconstruction efforts, helping us allow our visitors to get an accurate portrayal of what village life was like at SunWatch almost 800 years ago.

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Two Trees Inc.

Two TreesTwo Trees Inc. is a 501(c)3 charitable non-profit organization dedicated to community building and cultural bridging through: cultural exchanges; empowerment events and activities; and production of multi-media materials. It was also created to carry out the vision of Lakota Rose Madison, a 17-year-old Hunkpapa Lakota woman who was murdered before her vision of creating safe places for at-risk youth and having cultural exchanges could be realized. Two Trees, Inc. promotes models of service and methodologies of intercultural interaction that engage

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