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Children and Archaeology - Insight into Ancient Egypt

Insight into Ancient Egypt

“Ancient Egyptian mummies were originally wrapped in fine linen bandages. In some cases and during some periods, the wrapped mummies were encased in bitumin, a tarry substance. In most cases, the bodies were carefully Neisurembalmed with natron (a sodium carbonate mineral) after certain portions of the body were removed (lungs, liver, intestines, stomach). In nearly all cases, the brain was removed and discarded, while the heart was left in place in the body, since it was regarded as the seat of the person’s soul.

“Ancient Egyptians believed that the heart would be weighed on the scales of justice by the god of the underworld. If the person had not committed enough good deeds in his or her life, the heart would not weigh enough on the scales of justice. In order to counteract this, ancient Egyptian people began to place various amulets over the heart and inside the mummy bandages. The amulets, often in the shape of a scarab beetle, would help weigh down the heart on the scales of justice; a kind of insurance!”