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Children and Archaeology - “Ancient” Pottery Excavation Activity

Archaeology Party: “Ancient” Pottery Excavation Activity

Cardboard box or file box, small terracotta flower pot, sharpie marker, play sand, clean dirt, Elmer’s glue or masking tape, flat spatula.

1. Decorate a small terracotta flower pot with guilloche designs (see image) with sharpie.
2. Break the terracotta pot into pieces.
3. Alternate layers of play sand or clean dirt with the pieces of broken pottery into the box.
4. Then have your child and their friends become archaeologists! Let them use the spatula or their hands to recover the broken pieces and reconstruct the pot using the tape or glue. Be careful not to break any of the artifacts!

Tips for Caregivers
By using multiple pots with different designs, the excavation can become more complicated. Assign children to teams and let the fun begin as they race to put together their pot without breaking any pieces.

One Step Further
If you or your child is interested in American Indian culture, visit SunWatch Indian Village/Archaeological Park for Cultures in Contact: A 17th Century Reenactment. Witness a reenactment of the earliest encounters between American Indians and colonial traders, participate in weapon and tool demonstrations and cheer during an American Indian game of double ball. To learn more, click here.