Advanced Pursuit - The Three Sisters Garden at SunWatch

The Three Sisters Garden at SunWatch

Each year at SunWatch we plant a Three Sisters Garden that is modeled after historic American Indian gardens in this area with seeds of corn, beans and squash planted in small mounds. These mounds are about 1 foot high and 2-3 feet around with corn planted in the middle, beans around it, and squash around base of the mound. These plants work together as the corn provides a stalk for the beans to grow up around, and the squash would help cover the ground to control the weed population.

SunWatch gardenUnlike the reconstructed features in the Village, we do not know exactly where the villagers had their gardens, but based on the archaeological remains from trash pits and other features we know that the gardens provided the bulk of the food for the villagers.

The corn that we are growing this year at SunWatch is Myaamia Heritage Corn. This corn, provided to SunWatch by Daryl Baldwin of the Myaamia Project, is the traditional small-eared, 8-10 row white corn grown by the Miami Nation in northeast Oklahoma. The Miami Tribe was removed from the Midwest in the mid 1800s and this is the corn that made the trip with them to Indian Territory. We are very excited about the opportunity to grow this corn at SunWatch and hope that we can help the Miami Tribe ensure the success of this traditional crop.

SSunWatch Herb gardenIf you are a Master Gardener or otherwise interested in helping with the Three Sisters Garden at SunWatch please click here for more information.